A Love Story of Guy & Betty-Jo

A Love Story ♥ 

They first met back in 1977 when Guy was Betty-Jo’s boss at his service station/restaurant for the summer.

The years passed and they both had moved and worked around Western Canada in different circles of friends but later found themselves back in Trout Creek, neither knowing the other had returned, amazingly in such a small town, never running into each other around town or at community events.

20 years would pass and as fate would have it, a mutual friend was visiting from Alberta and ran into Guy on a back road delivery trip for his welding shop and in turn told Betty-Jo over dinner about the chance meeting.

Wanting a wrought iron fence for a proposed pool at her home, a welder was just what she was looking for.  A dinner date to catch up on old times and new times – they found themselves enjoying each other’s company with a renewed friendship and the prospect for a future together was formed.

Each with growing children, busy jobs and aging parents to care for, they found that Friday night Date Nights of cooking new recipes, drinking wine and watching movies a wonderful start to what is now a 25 year love affair. They often say “ We still have a big crush on each other”.

In 2013 life took another turn for the better when their oldest daughter wanted to get married at the farm which at the time had 5 horses and a never ending list of work to be done. 

Team work and excitement for the next 18 months made for what is now The Mel Gibson Ranch.  That first wedding in the summer of 2015 was the springboard to an amazing wedding venue and passion for them both.

Guy and Betty-Jo enjoy working together and support each other. They truly enjoy what they have created and the many wonderful people they have been blessed to meet.

They continue their partnership of love for each other, family, friends and look forward to the next 25 years.

Note; Betty-Jo never did get that pool or wrought iron fence……she got so much more…. So did Guy…