The Ranch

Where are you located?

We are 30 minutes south of North Bay.

From the north, pass both exits to Trout Creek/Port Loring. The next turn off is called Lindsay’s Hill Road on your Right.  Take this turn off and you will immediately come to a “T” in the road.  Go right and it will bring you up a big hill.  At the top, stay to your left and we are the first lane way on your left #99.

When can we have access to the barn?
Your rental is from Friday afternoon at 12:00pm until Sunday at 3:00 pm so you have lots of time to set up and take down.

What is included with the barn?

  • Camping for both RV’s and tents but for Saturday night only.
  • Lots of room for parking
  • BBQ hut 7 x 10, lite and fan vented ( you provide BBQ)
  • Tents are available
  • Washrooms
  • Attached bar service room with large “L” shaped bar made from old barn boards, 2 freezers, 1 fridge and large commercial cooler.
  • 4 stand up bar tables with 8 high boy bar chairs for outside
  • 2 x 8’ tables (great for buffet)
  • 5 x 6’ wooden tables/finished made from old barn boards – great for head table, gifts, sign in etc as they do not require a table cloth.
  • 20 bar stools
  • Signage for hwy and laneway etc
  • Bistro table and chair for wedding ceremony
  • Various dressers etc for décor use.

Is there electrical use for campers?

No, we do not have any plug in’s available for trailers so they must come prepared.

Is there water available?

We have water available for rinsing dishes etc but for drinking we ask that you bring your own water.  We drink the water in the farm house etc but prefer to not supply the venue area.

What about alcohol service and licencing?

You are responsible for obtaining and adhering to your own event, much like if you were having a party at your home.

We suggest a “non sale” or “sales” licence from the LCBO. Licencing requirements and applications are available at LCBO.

If you plan to sell your alcohol you must adhere to the rules of your licence.

You will have to provide bartenders with Smart Serve.

Do you know of anyone in your area who would bar tend?

We have several local people who have come forward with their Smart Serve and have offered themselves out for hire for events and I could forward their names & numbers to you if you wish to employ them.  They are very reasonable and have done an amazing job in the past.

We also have several young gals who are available for hire to do things like, clear and set tables, empty garbage cans etc.

What about the garbage, who is responsible for that?

You get the place clean and swept and that is the way you must leave it.  You are responsible to bag all garbage and put it in out bin, we supply the bags and waste cans.  If you wish to take your alcohol empties with you when you leave, that is perfect, otherwise we donate them to the local Lions Club who will crush and refund and money used for community betterment.



Camp Fires:

We are on the top of a hill and it is generally breezy, it is not worth the risk to us and is not a memory we would like to create.  There are local camp grounds that (under certain conditions) allow camp fires and we could give your guests the names & numbers if they wish to stay there.


We cannot allow dogs on the property. We have tried on several occasions but the outcome was not acceptable and have elected to not continue. That being said, there are several hotels that are pet friendly and camp grounds that allow pets that are close by we would be happy to give you the names and numbers of those facilities.

Do you rent out your farm house?

We do rent out the farm house that is on the property. Please contact us for a quote. A damage deposit is required and will be refunded at the end of the weekend. Again this is from Friday afternoon 12:00pm to Sunday at 3:00pm. It is fully furnished, 2 bathrooms/showers, 4 bedrooms. ( 1 queen, 2 double, 1 single rooms) area for air mattress’s if required. No internet or cable. Washer/dryer, steamer for dresses and suits. Towels and bedding will be laundered by us.

What about transportation to and from hotels?

We suggest you supply bus transport to pick up and drop off your guests at various times during the day (ie; to ceremony, 10:00 return & 1:00pm return).  This does help with your obligation to ensure people do not drink and drive.

Do we need insurance?

Yes, you require a PAL insurance policy which is a Party & Alcohol Liability Insurance policy naming:  The Mel Gibson Ranch Co Inc, Guy Gibson, and yourselves as covered under the policy.  The address of the event is 99 Lyndsay’s Hill Road, this is for $2 million dollars.  We must have a copy of the policy before you can have access to the venue.  They ( your insurance co) will require the LCBO licence # for the policy.  Be careful with your insurance co as they may want to sell you a “wedding policy”  and insure items not necessary  ie wedding cake, honeymoon, stationary…… this will increase the cost of the policy and is not part of our requirements.  The policy cost will depend on the # of guests you are inviting.



Rentals / Decor Services

Floor plan